The Law Behind Your Auto Insurance Policy


Policy: Federal or State Laws?
The essence of the law behind your auto insurance policy in the US and elsewhere is to cover the risk of pecuniary liability or loss of a car which the owner may encounter if it’s involved in a crash leading to property damage or bodily injury. Some states obligate a car owner to subscribe to certain levels of coverage. Other states like Virginia do not enjoin car insurance as the fee is payable to the state, New Hampshire and Mississippi , on the other hand, allow vehicle owners to post cash-bonds instead.

Similarly, penalties for flouting mandatory insurance depend on the state legal framework; however, it typically involves paying a whopping fine, license or registration cancellation or revocation and possible jail incarceration. Generally, the minimum legal requirement is third party coverage to safeguard against financial repercussions of loss, property damage or bodily injury inflicted by a car.

State laws may be strict, you should check with your jurisdiction, for instance California along New Jersey have passed Personal Responsibility statutes that peremptorily impose liability insurance lest the driver loses non-pecuniary damages like pain in case of injury while driving the vehicle. By the same token, in North Carolina, a driver needs liability insurance as a prerequisite prior to getting a license. Other states dictate that proof of coverage should be present on the car always while others don’t. Thus, there is no federal code that regulates auto-insurance but state legislative laws.

Insurance Coverage Products
Though there is no federal policy or legal framework that governs vehicle insurance, service providers offer coverage in tandem with state laws where your car is located. However, there are various packages that insurance companies have straddled across all states and to some extent globally, including:

Full Coverage
Collision Insurance: protects the vehicle against hazards like fire, theft, vandalism, and crashing and is essentially not obligatory if the auto has been paid off. Since it is meant to safeguard the car owner’s interests, it’s normally optional but highly indispensable.

Liability Insurance: this coverage is quintessentially compulsory as it protects other persons against injury and property damage. The notion is founded on the school of thought that touts cushioning a country’s economy wholly where a driver may not be able to pay. When the two are combined, the policy comes as a full coverage.

Non-insured or under-insured car coverage
Non-insured or under-insured auto coverage foots damages when your vehicle collides with a car lacking insurance, is under-covered or driven by unidentifiable driver. It is generally not mandatory in all states. The policy also covers medical expenses and occupants costs as well in case the faulty car is not insured or under-covered and there are injuries sustained. Some products of car insurance policies also pay lost earnings and other non-quantifiable damages.

Medical payment insurance In case you sustain injuries in an accident, optional medical payment insurance can support you when clearing medical bills.

Comprehensive coverage Since liability and crash or collision insurance products are ineluctable for car owners, auto loan lenders and coverage service providers, comprehensive coverage products that cover the two are law in most states. What’s more the coverage extends to damages not stemming from collisions.

How Can My Workers Compensation Claim Work With My Auto Insurance Policy?

Motor accidents do occur quite often at work. Such accidents can take place within the business premises or even outside them. Motor accidents that occur at work usually leave many people in doubt about the procedures of claiming compensation. This is mainly because there are two possible directions that the injured worker can be compensated. He can be compensated for his injury under the Workman Compensation Claim or can be indemnified with Third Party Motor Insurance. A workers compensation attorney can offer guidance about which one of the two mentioned methods of compensation is most acceptable.

A worker is compensated when a third party is at fault and he/she is the pedestrian or passenger. In this case, the accident must take place within the business premises, or the worker must be aboard the vehicle, if the he is to claim compensation. The following are some of the factors that affect compensation in an accident caused by another worker:

· Whether the business is or is not insured
· The extent of the injury
· Whether the injured worker is or is not insured
· The degree of contribution of the worker to the accident

A workers compensation attorney can determine whether a particular injury can be compensated and the extent to which the injuries will be compensated. Accidents caused mostly or entirely by a worker cannot be compensated by the employer’s auto insurance company since the employer is actually the victim of the accident. An employee who suffers motor accident caused entirely by his negligence can only be indemnified by his insurance policy, and not by that of his employer.
The steps of procurement of compensations differ from state to state. This is why a victim of an accident must consult his workers compensation attorney services for information about the procedure for compensation. Generally, the following happens after an accident:

· The workman is taken to hospital for medical care
· The worker’s supervisor is informed about the accident
· The worker contacts his attorney
· The attorney presents the case to court
· The employee is served the summon
· Court proceeding begin
· Judge makes a ruling
· The worker is compensated, or not compensated

Sometimes, after the employer has been summoned to court, the employer’s insurance company can opt for out of court settlement of the dispute. In this case, the employee and his attorney negotiates the extent of the compensation with the representatives of the employer, without moderation by the judge. This option is identified and accepted by the law as long as the two parties consent to it.

Compensation for auto accidents cover for immediate damages as well as for imminent changes in life style. A worker who has lost his ability to earn must be duly compensated. The compensation also covers past and future medical bills that the worker has and will accrue. Compensations are almost always in monetary forms. The bills of the workers compensation attorney who is involved in the case is usually a proportion of the whole compensation.

Which carrier writes the best auto insurance policy?

The question of auto insurance usually requires that one put so many more factors into consideration than simply trying to figure out which carrier writes the best auto insurance policy.

And that is because this question typically devolves down to trying to locate the cheapest insurance carriers on the market, which is a mistake seeing as cheap doesn’t equate to quality.

The best auto insurance carriers are often those that provide the perfect balance of quality and cost, bringing to the table attractive offers in all those important facets of insurance such as coverage and payment flexibility, with some of the best carriers in the auto insurance industry including the following:

-GEICO- GEICO is relatively popular as far as auto insurance carriers are concerned. It provides some of the cheapest rates on offer. More attractive are the steps it takes to help its customers qualify for its discount offers, this including policies on emergency deployment of active military members, safety records, good students etc. GEICO enjoys favorable reviews from all noteworthy sources.

-Allstate- with one of the largest network of agents in the country, Allstate’s offers boasts excellent customer service and a bevy of attractive insurance products such as safe driving bonuses and Accident Forgiveness. Allstate has favorable premiums and very friendly staff.

-USAA- when it comes to military families and members, few auto insurance companies are as effective as USAA, which is ranked by J.D Powers among the best in the industry. USAA guarantees cheap rates, discounts and comprehensive coverage.

-AARP-few auto insurance carriers can claim to provide insurance services for seniors in a manner as effective as AARP; with affordable long term rates, AARP takes into account the financial restrictions that typically assail seniors, specifically their limited retirement income, and work to make the cheapest annual auto insurance rates available to these older drivers that only wish to drive on a budget.

AARP also goes one step further with RecoverCare, a policy the carrier utilizes to not only meet its obligations regarding the costs incurred from an accident, but to also provide individuals the financial aid they might require to transition back into normal life after an accident.

-Liberty Auto Insurance- Liberty’s auto insurance policies are aimed towards individuals that might be at fault for the occurrence of an accident. It will provide coverage for claims filed against the policy holder responsible for the accident for any bodily harm that might have occurred, property that could have been damaged, medical bills, repairs and even litigation fees. Liberty auto insurance protects those individuals and families that require more than the minimum liability insurance to protect their assets.

-Hartford- Hartford is one of the largest and most financially successful insurance companies in the USA; founded in 1810, Hartford boasts some of the most competitive premiums on the market, with stable insurance rates and friendly agents ready to offer assistance at any time.

From Travelers to Metlife, State Farm, Esurance, Erie Insurance and Ameriprise to mention but a few, the list of companies offering auto insurance policies is vast; and the key to acquiring the best insurance services possible lies with selecting that insurance carrier that best contends with one’s needs.

How Will a DUI Affect Your Auto-Insurance Policy?

Once you are caught driving under the influence, there are high chances that your auto insurance policy will be affected. Receiving a DUI can be quite a difficult experience, especially when it prompts that you pay for it until your legal or court interactions come to an end. A DUI has a direct impact on your auto insurance policy, especially the much that you pay as premiums. That implies that a DUI conviction has consequences which reach beyond the state judicial system, leave alone the personal or social trauma you might go through.

In most cases, your state can notify your dui attorney and the insurance company or even demand that you notify your insurer once you are convicted of a DUI. They take this action because they are fully aware that what you pay for the insurance of your car is largely determined by your driving record. A risky driving history will translate to you having much higher car insurance rates.

What is the Impact of DUI on your Car Insurance?

Most people assume that being convicted of a DUI results to only some fine and court costs as well as license suspension. That is however, not the case especially considering your auto insurance. However, with a DUI attorney better known as a criminal defense attorney your could be free of all charges.

High Insurance Premiums

Once your insurer discovers your offense, they will definitely take it into account. This will have adverse effects on you ranging from your premiums being increased to even being dropped from the coverage altogether. The latter will thus require that you look around for a new policy, while still having both the DUI and insurance cancellation on your driving record. If your Thrower & Schwartz charleston DUI attorney does a good job and you are free of all charges you will then have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You Might Have to Seek for an SR-22 Form

In most states, those convicted of a DUI are required to obtain an SR-22 form from their insurer and present it as proof to the department of motor vehicles (DMV) that they indeed hold liability insurance. If you hire a Thrower & Schwartz charleston criminal defense attorney like this firm then they should be doing this for you. This will be necessary since the DMV needs it in order to lift your license suspension. In case your insurer cancels the agreed upon insurance policy, they will have to contact the DMV. For you to maintain a valid driving license, you might be required to prove to the DMV that you have legal auto insurance for as long as 5 years.

Insurance Rates

DUI offenses are not treated the same way. Most insurers tend to look at them on a certain basis. For instance, they can consider otherwise if the DUI offense committed is your first and if you are known to maintain a good driving record. However, successive drunk-driving offenses will result to higher rate increases, with some companies refusing to cover repeat offenders.

Increased Premiums for a Long Time Period

Most insurance companies will charge higher premiums for a period of about 3 years. Some of them usually extend this coverage period to up to 5 years, after the date of conviction.

Can a Criminal Lawyer Help If Arrested for DUI?

A DUI lawyer / criminal defense lawyer can be quite helpful when caught driving under the influence. Such a lawyer will represent you in the court if charged with DUI. He or she will also inform you about all you need to know in such a situation as well as offering possible solutions. They will closely scrutinize all the collected evidence in the case and help you in the best way they can. They are ultimately able to reinstate your driving privilege, especially if they are well-experienced and hold a great reputation.

What To Look For In Your Auto Insurance Policy

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You have waited for years and you have finally managed to buy your own car. However, did you know before you hit the road with your new ride, you have to insure it against a number of issues, thus buying auto insurance is essential? Although, auto insurance policies are quite similar, there are a number of things that you need to consider before you buy an insurance cover. For starters, the following is what to look for in your auto insurance policy.

Company’s reputation
Reputation of the company that is offering the coverage is the heart and soul of the whole process. Currently, reputation alone is the single most essential parameter that differentiates one service provider from another. As a car owner, before you put your sign on any kind of agreement, check the company’s past records, other important details and how long they take to settle a claim. This is important, after all, would want to wait for months or even years for his or her claim to be settled.

Many at times, some of the cheapest policies are not always the best. So before you buy your car insurance policy, make sure you compare both the level of coverage and price. This is important for this will in a way determine what you are going to take home at the end.

What will the policy cover?
Ask anyone with a car and you will be surprised, he or she does not know what his or her policy covers. Many people have had to deal with an avalanche of problems when making claims. So before you buy any policy, thoroughly, go through the policy document. Single out those finer and important features and you find out if they can be of any help in future. After all, it will not make any sense to waste a substantial amount of money on a cover only to find out later that you were not even covered.

Accessibility, distribution and communication
In case of a problem, who would want to spend long hours or even days trying to contact the insurance company? Find out if the company has in place an extensive network, communication channels and distribution, as well. These three features are not only going to make things quite easier for you when you need them, but they have also become some of the most important components of any company that is offering auto insurance.

Do I need expert advice?
When you are going into the industry for the first time, selecting when and what to go for is not always a walk in the park. With tons and tons of polices being created and made available to car owners, being completely lost and spoil for choice is quite imminent. At this pointing time, you might decide to seek advice from an expert. An expert, who understands the industry quite well will not only advice you about the intricacies involved, but he or she can pick a policy that will perfectly suit your car insurance needs. In short, what you can net from an insurance broker will help you get started.

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